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Valentine's Day with Evianne Studios

Pope Gelasius I chose February 14 as a religious feasting day around 496 AD, to supersede a pagan holiday previously held on February 15. It is unclear for whom this holiday is named as in Catholic lore, at least 3 saints held the name Valentine. However, all three are believed to have met their deaths in the same way and on the same day: by martyrdom on February 14.

One of the more well-known tropes about the origins of Valentine’s Day occurs during Emperor Claudius II’s reign in Rome, around 270 AD. The Emperor forbade weddings, not wanting men to marry during wartime so as to keep his military force at full strength and firmly believing bachelors were better soldiers. Saint Valentine defied the Emperor, officiating over secret weddings; for this, he was imprisoned and eventually executed. During his incarceration, he purportedly fell in love with the jailer’s daughter and prior to his execution penned a note to her, inscribing it “from your Valentine”.

Although throughout the centuries this holiday has taken many forms and traditions, today we look at Valentine’s Day as a day to celebrate love. Evianne Studios offers special events for holidays like Valentine’s Day. This year we are taking dancing to a vineyard for a unique and memorable experience, combining appetizers and dessert with wine tastings and ballroom dancing for a night to remember!

While the traditional dinner, flowers, candy, or chocolates can be an ideal way to show your love and commitment, if you have been wanting a one-of-a-kind experience to make an impression, we invite you to reserve your spots. Come dance the night away to celebrate your Valentine!